The Bulls have battled themselves the first three months of the season.

Chicago point guard Kris Dunn’s potential game-tying field goal attempt in overtime was well-contested by Portland point guard Shabazz Napier. Gary Dineen/NBAE/Getty
The reality is that there is another faction of the fan base that loved seeing the Bulls revert to their tanking ways the past two days. Compete hard in games, develop young players, find a way to lose down the stretch instead of finding ways to win, and watch the ping pong balls pile up in advance of May’s Draft Lottery.

Are they the team that dropped 20 of its first 23, or are they the team that has won 10 of its past 14? The truth is the Bulls are probably somewhere between those options.

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“Would have liked to win it, obviously,” Glass told reporters following Sunday’s game. “But it’ll be one I’ll remember — probably not so fondly right now, but somewhere down the road, I’ll look back and appreciate it.”

Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville said Tuesday that Glass will draw a third straight start on Wednesday. Lundqvist will likely start for the Rangers. He has started eight of the last nine games for New York.

In fact, the only thing that has slowed down is the game around him.With Selig’s inclusion, predicted that hall voters would loosen their stances on PED users.But the Birds are already expected to clear cap room, which could make a signing possible.On Day 2, you keeping looking for the best player available with baggage.Then, with manager Walt Weiss’ ends-justify-the-means blessings and encouragement, LeMahieu sat out the final two .Lawson uses his speed to get past defenders, is keen to Cheap NFL Jerseys China the physical attributes that WCS possesses and applies his knowledge by feeding the big man either over the top or with a slick bounce pass.Therefore, Eriksson is currently one of, if not the hottest commodity on the trade market as the Feb.2 overall guard, receiving strong marks the run Cheap Jerseys For Sale game.Ellington’s injury came at an unfortunate time as he appeared to have locked up the team’s slot receiver role.

We can figure out whether bringing the team back or blowing them up makes more sense once we get there.

We’ve seen plenty of criticisms of Westbrook’s style as a result. Some carried over from previous seasons. Others could be proved wrong with the same on- and off-court numbers used to praise his counterparts. But in they rolled regardless.

He’s too selfish. He shoots his team out of games. He doesn’t make his teammates better. His triple-doubles are overrated because a handful of them a game are gifted to him. His achievements are empty because the Thunder still lose games where he does incredible things.

Yet look at what this selfish, stubborn, short-tempered, inefficient, and reckless player gave this season. This Thunder team is only eight wins worse than last year. Westbrook took them to the playoffs and provided countless highlights every single game. He turned the season into an action movie full of explosions, drama, emotions, fights, rivalries, subliminal messages, dancing, self-aware commercials, and so much more. He made a No. 6 seed a must-see team.

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who also serves as president of basketball operations, said he wants to keep the team together no matter how the season ends. Certainly, with a 2-1 series lead over Utah and a win despite Griffin leaving, the Clippers’ chances in this series aren’t done yet. (It’ll take a superhuman effort from Chris Paul, but he provided that in Game 3, dropping 34 points and 10 assists.) Still, even if they got to the next round, they would have next-to-no chance against the Warriors.

We can figure out whether bringing the team back or blowing Cheap NFL Jerseys China them up makes more sense once we get there. For now, this is just another moment in the unlucky futility of the Clippers franchise.

Last playoffs, it looked like the Clippers might finally be the team catching a break.