The 2017 season is a lost cause for approximately a third of the league at this point.

That means it’s a good time to start looking forward to what can be done to fix that during the offseason. The salary cap is once again expected to Cheap Basketball Jerseys make a sizable leap in the upcoming league year, which means pay days will abound.

Cousins took a sizable risk by betting on himself and playing on a one-year franchise deal again. Losing your top two receivers (Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson) can spell doom for many quarterbacks, but it’s been business as usual for Cousins, even as his offensive line has been decimated by injuries.

The Washington signal-caller is grading as a top-10 quarterback (82.8), and soon he’ll have the long-term contract of one. Only this time, its value will be exponentially higher than anything he would have signed when he first became a free agent in 2016.

Keenum signed a one-year, $2 million deal in the offseason as a stopgap in case the worst happened to Sam Bradford before Teddy Bridgewater finally got Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys healthy. Not much from Keenum’s past suggested he was worth anything more than that. Before 2017, he had a sub-60-percent career completion percentage with 38 Turnover Worthy Throws (TWTs) compared to only 35 Big Time Throws (BTTs).

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