‘Whiny’ LeBron James? Charles Barkley needs refresher on his complaint-filled past

He said his teammates suffered from “a lack of talent” and “laziness.” He said the roster was “just not good enough top to bottom.” He said, after a tough loss that saw a late double-digit lead blown, that his teammates had all but abandoned him: “Just like General Custer. And there were a lot of Indians.”

Those were not the words of LeBron James in the last few weeks. They belonged, in fact, to the guy who complained this week that James has been “inappropriate” and “whiny” in criticizing the Cavaliers lately. They belonged to Charles Barkley, uttered in the depths of the 1991-92 season, his final in Philadelphia.

That remains one of the whiniest all-time seasons by a star player in the history of the NBA.

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