Because wanting to win, if it exists for too long, becomes needing to win.

Texas A&M honored Gene Stallings on the field in the second quarter on Saturday as the Aggies celebrated the 50th anniversary of his 1967 team which won the Southwest Conference. The 82-year-old Stallings, who coached Alabama to a national championship in 1992, was able to Good Cheap Jerseys attend the game despite suffering a heart attack last weekend.

The end zones were painted in the font used during Stallings’ time at A&M and “1967” was painted in each end zone.

Needing to win builds self-imposed pressure that manifests itself into distractions, which lead to mistakes.

Chase became too conservative in the last five laps of Sunday’s race at Dover, and that’s not me being critical of him, it’s me being an analyst.

In football, they call it prevent defense, which often causes players to alter their approach and intensity, to relax and sometimes give up big plays and the lead.

Driving in the closing laps of a race while leading can have a similar effect.

You leave a little extra distance between the right side of your car and the wall on the corner exit; you turn away from the wall early on the corner entry, and because of that you consequently give up the very middle of the corner and lose two- or three-tenths of a second.

As he whiffed on Lazard, Thomas stumbled trying to keep pace, which allowed Lazard to generate even more space. Back in the pocket, running back David Montgomery helped pick Kids Cheap Jerseys China up Oklahoma’s linebacker blitz, giving Kempt the time and space to complete his three-step drop and fling the ball down the sideline to Lazard.

“They pressed up on Allen, which gave us the play to take a shot,” Kempt said. “That was us giving the best player on our team a chance to win the game.”