Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams explains his elaborate ‘The Walking Dead’ wedding

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams appeared on “Talking Dead” Sunday night after the midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead.”

Williams was brought along because he’s a huge fan, and that was evidenced by his crazy wedding in July last year. He and his wife, Risalyn, went all-out on a wedding themed around the zombie show, and it did not disappoint.

But wait — Joe Montana begs to differ. You remember Montana, the quarterback who led the 49ers to four Super Bowl victories in the 1980s. Montana was widely hailed as the NFL’s greatest quarterback before Brady came along.

And in an appearance Friday on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” show, Montana said there have been too many great quarterbacks in NFL history, across different eras, to call anyone “the Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys greatest of all time.”

“He’s obviously having this great career, but I just think that it’s hard to put anyone in that bucket,” Montana said, via TMZ. “Even before he got five, you look back at some of the guys that some people don’t even know, Sammy Baugh or Otto Graham … (Graham) won like seven championships.

“They were so far ahead of their time. It’s hard to compare guys from then to now, and how they would compare here and how we would compare back then.”

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